Chris Brown, Photographer
Chris Brown, of Boulder, Colorado, is a true artist, using his photography of the American West to show subtle colors, sweeping panoramas, and quiet details of the natural world.  His photos are mostly landscapes, but also include more close-up views of tree roots, rocks, water, ice, etc.

Image galleries include the North and South rims of the Grand Canyon in Arizona as well as the Inner Canyon, Canyonlands, other locations in Utah, Colorado, Boulder County Colorado including photos of the great 2013 flood, Echo Lake Colorado, and Wind River Wyoming. Prints are available, including Ilfochrome prints of exceptional depth and detail, with a subtle palette of colors. Chris teaches workshops in photography and print-making from his home in Boulder, Colorado.

Christopher’s photographs have been published in many books, calendars, posters and periodicals including Sierra, Arizona Highways, Outside, National Geographic and The Colorado River Through the Grand Canyon. His prints are in many collections throughout the country, including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Denver Art Museum and the University of Colorado. He has taught many photography workshops for institutions such as Anderson Ranch, Naropa University and Lifelong Learning.

right: Often mistaken for John Muir, photo by Tim Henson


GREENMAN, fabric portrait by Denny Webster.

Photographs with wolves.