Cosmically ordained I believe. Your work and writing is transparently about heart tied to nature… and beyond.
What a great path to have traversed over most of your life.

Doug West, painter

DEEP IN THE CANYON, by Amanda Quentinz-Fiedler, Rangefinder Magazine, May 2011.

Christopher Brown’s photographs are the result of a unique and intimate relationship with the landscape of the American West. Having been a mountain and river guide for over 30 years, he has walked and rafted to places rarely visited, and has photographed sights seldom seen. His camerawork opens the eyes to see in new ways the subtle colors, sweeping panoramas, and quiet details of this remarkable region.

Christopher’s photographs have been published in many books, calendars, posters and periodicals including Sierra, Arizona Highways, Outside, National Geographic and The Colorado River Through the Grand Canyon. His prints are in many collections throughout the country, including the San Francisco Museum of Moderm Art, the Denver Art Museum and the University of Colorado. He has taught many photography workshops for institutions such as Anderson Ranch, Naropa University and Lifelong Learning.

Christopher Brown exhibits regularly throughout the West, and maintains a studio/gallery in Boulder, Colorado where he makes and shows his color prints. He works with the Ilfochrome color process, using complex masking techniques to produce prints of exceptional depth and detail, with a subtle palette of colors.
– Chris Hoffman, poet, Boulder, CO

Western Art & Architecture:  BLACK & BROWN: A Grand Canyon Point of View, February-March, 2013.

Christopher Brown, friend, Colleague, fine photographer, and master color printer has roamed the West with his camera and unerring eye for natural beauty for three decades. I have high respect for him as an artist and for his ability and creativity in the medium of photography.

– Philip Hyde, photographer & author.

Christopher Brown’s consummate skill in seeing and the unmanipulated use of color reflects the honesty of his approach. He does not need to alter what appears on the ground glass of his camera. In our present era of intellectual dishonesty associated with the hype-driven art scene, this single quality presents a refreshing counterpoint.

– Dick Arentz, photographer and author.

Not so much photography as poetry.

– Ellinor Busch, Busch Gallery, Boulder, CO




A young Chris Brown in the Grand Canyon