to my web site, which documents my explorations of the American West through photographs and writings. Explore & Enjoy!

For me photography is the Art of Seeing.   Inspired by the landscapes of the Earth, I am motivated by curiosity, using a contemplative process to explore the familiar in search of the mysterious. I am not as interested in documenting the literal representation of my subject as its essence.  Photography teaches us how to see, and this enhances the sensual qualities of the visual experience. My photography is not didactic or intellectual, but if it helps people appreciate, love and safeguard our Planet I will have succeeded.

Each link below will take you to a different gallery, arranged by geographic location, or topic. Please enjoy the visual experience of exploring them.
Some galleries contain stand-alone photographs, while others are photo essays.  There are short texts in the title/caption box of some photographs.  The galleries are mostly arranged geographically, with some by topic.

Clicking on a thumbnail will open a gallery. Your left- right arrows will move you through the photos. Your up arrow will toggle the image title & caption on and off, and the down arrow toggles the filmstrip/slideshow/full screen/image info/ social sidebar on and off.

You can navigate the galleries either from this, the home page, or through the Galleries drop down menu.  The image files are big enough to fill a large screen so they may take a moment to download the first time.  This is a work in progress and new material will be added throughout 2015, so please “refresh” each time you visit.